//The Beginnings

The Beginnings

A Message from the Co-Founder

Dear Rootblue Friends,

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Nathaniel Deaton and I am a co-foundering member of Rootblue. Exactly one year ago from this month, my business partner (Nathaniel Bessette) and I, created an idea that would develop into the most enjoyable and challenging year we have experienced yet. The idea to create Rootblue has not only tested our friendship but has allowed us to grow and learn more in one year than we have ever anticipated.

Initially, the idea for creating an environmentally conscious lifestyle brand came to me while I was traveling across the Northern Scandinavian states that touched the lower end of the North Sea. During this three-week-long adventure, I was introduced to a culture much different than that of western ways. This type of culture was best described (from my opinion), as detailed perfection. I did not notice it at first, but the more I was exposed to the Scandinavian lifestyle, the more I saw it. The fine chiseled artwork on the castle walls, the perfectionism found with every dish I was served for dinner, the style of clothing that the teenagers were wearing, it was truly all there. Every piece of culture that I was exposed to had this immaculate touch of perfectionism embedded within the core of its appearance. From Sweden to Denmark, to the Netherlands, it was almost as if I was walking through a fictional reality during every second of the trip. So if you have never been to the Northern end of Europe, I highly suggest it (maybe not in the freezing winter though!). Not to digress, but this type of detail was the initial building blocks for why Rootblue came into existence.

The second major part of my travels was filled with living in crowded youth hostels packed to the brim where the only real drinks being served were Carlsberg beer and Akvavit fine grain liquor. Literally, Northern European’s love these drinks. I couldn’t walk three feet in any direction without seeing an advertisement for one of these two drinks being served at the local street vendor or hung on a billboard somewhere. I specifically remember one night walking into the hostel where my friend and I were staying and asking for water. The receptionist looked at me and said, “that will be 30 DKK (krone) please”, and went to grab the bottled water out of the mini-fridge. 30 DKK equates to about $5 for a standard 17 fl oz. bottle of water. Taken back by what she had just told me, I said: “I’ll hold off on the bottled water, is there a drinking fountain somewhere I can get water from?” While waiting for her response, I faded off into my thoughts and sat there slightly irritated and confused on the price of some knock-off Danish water that was packaged and put into a plastic container for travelers staying in the hostel. Snapping back to reality, she smiled at me and said “top floor of the hostel we have a restroom for guests where people can drink out of the sink faucet”. Thus being the first night in the hostel, I was unaware that this was where the “available” water was for people traveling who did not want to pay for overpriced Danish knock off bottled water. So thus being the devoted, dehydrated, hungover self I was (just getting back from the local disco club found near the Tivoli gardens and the taxi cab station) I walked up to the top floor, located the bathroom faucet, and drank lukewarm water out of the sink. Now, if you have ever been hungover, which I am sure you have been, I can guarantee that you know drinking ice cold water is probably 20 times more satisfying than drinking lukewarm water. But, in this moment, I had no choice, so I had to suffer through that anti-climactic sensation of drinking water but not truly being fulfilled while drinking water (if you know what I mean). So while I was sitting down on the bathroom floor, exhausted at 5 AM in the morning, I thought to myself “wow, I wish I had an alternative option for drinking water that was not expensive but kept my drinks cold when I needed it!” During the time of this event, I was unaware that I had just sparked an idea that would be the driving force for the next year of my life. For the remaining week of my travels, this process was probably repeated 2-3 times as the hostels my friend and I were staying in had over priced water which left me drinking from the bathroom faucet.

Okay, I lied, there was really one more part of the story that I am leaving out. After returning to the United States, I decided to search the market for a solution to the problem that I had encountered while staying in hostel after hostel. Inevitably, I am sure you already know what I am referring to. I stumbled across multiple websites linked to major name brand vacuum insulated water bottles that are guaranteed to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours at a time. As I clicked through the website, I was like “awesome, I can finally get the perfect water bottle that will satisfy my needs while drinking water”. After clicking through the website and finding the bottle that fit my visual expectations, I went to the checkout page. As I pulled out my debit card fulling expecting to make this purchase on a cool swag item that will allow me to stay refreshed, I saw the price of the bottle. It was $60! I know what some of you may be thinking, “stop being a cheap douche about purchasing shit and just do it”. Well, I hate to inform you guys, but I didn’t. When I saw this bottle, I not only saw an overpriced item, I saw an opportunity; an opportunity that would be the building blocks for the company that Rootblue is to this day.

After sitting down with Nat and conveying to him my experiences that I had searched for a water bottle online, I found out that Nat had also encountered the same problem while searching for a vacuum insulated water bottle he was going to buy for his friend. In this moment, we both knew we were on to something special. Over the next 3 months from this point forward, we devoted time after our daily school schedules to developing our idea for providing consumers with an affordable, quality product, that was delivered at perfection. Not only did Nat and I seek to fulfill the three major categories from what I had experienced in Scandinavia, but we pushed the limits of innovation to provide consumers with a durable product that can be used as the best travel companion anywhere. From this point forward, wherever I go, a Rootblue is by my side to assist me with my daily hydration needs!

With this, I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and the best for their 2018 adventures! Let’s make traveling better together!

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