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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should I clean my thermos? 2017-12-30T20:32:18+00:00

Unfortunately, our bottles are not dishwasher friendly. The best (and quickest) method for cleaning your Rootblue is through hand washing. Simply add a few drops of dish soap and some water, screw on your cap, and shake thoroughly.

Is the paracord handle included with every order? 2017-12-30T20:34:40+00:00

Each Rootblue bottle that you order comes with a custom paracord color of your choice. Rootblue paracords are attached to a rubber gasket connection that fits snug around the neck of your bottle.

How should I clean my Rootblue paracord? 2017-12-30T20:35:20+00:00

To clean your paracord, unclip from the rubber gasket connection and throw it in the washer as a regular cleaning item. Once cleaned, set it out to air dry and re-clip back onto the bottle for regular use.

What if my paracord breaks? 2017-12-30T20:37:30+00:00

If your paracord breaks, you can order a replacement paracord/gasket combination from our website as an individual checkout item.

Can I add other beverages to my Rootblue? 2017-12-30T20:39:47+00:00

Absolutely! Rootlue thermoses are perfect for keeping your wine and spirits insulated while camping or hiking! For individuals who prefer hot drinks, coffee is also a great addition to your Rootblue!